About Us

About Us

XH2O Solutions was founded in 2009 as a water and waste water solutions provider as an in-house R & D unit of our parent company, Alps Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

As a leading dyestuffs manufacturer producing Acid, Direct, Solvent, Liquid and Reactive Dyes- the challenge was to meet the critical water and waste water quality demand of Alps with real time, practical and sustainable solutions which led to the development of customised processes and technologies by the R & D team.

The implementation of the developed solutions lead to appreciation and interest from multiple industries, regulatory authorities and industries associations seeking solutions to water and waste water treatment, leading to the incorporation of XH2O Solutions as a separate entity to provide consultation and offer solutions for Industrial and Municipal waters and waste waters.

Our  Specialty  :

We understand the chemistry required for treating water and waste water streams at source and develop practical, viable and scalable treatment processes.

Our solutions are designed keeping in mind the dynamic thought that the requirement of every user/process is different and hence our approach to every water treatment application has to be different.